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Practice Areas

Our lawyers provide a wide range of legal services. We strive to provide the client with one stop shop based service, meaning legal services in a complex way, so that the client does not have to look for additional services elsewhere. We try not to limit our relation to one-time services, but also to maintain continuous and long-term cooperation with the client.

Contract Law

  • Contract drafting and transaction assessment;
  • Representation in negotiations;
  • Disputes on non-performance or illegality of transaction, litigation.

Personal Data Protection

  • Monitoring and reporting of processes and procedures for the controlling and processing of personal data;
  • Advice on compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements;
  • Data audit;
  • Advice and training;
  • Data Protection Officer service;
  • Data protection documentation;
  • Representation in DPA and in court.


Labour Law


  • Risk management in labour relations;
  • Drafting of employment contracts, internal company documents;
  • Legal assessment of documents regulating labour relations;
  • Mediation in labour disputes;
  • Representation in labour disputes;
  • In-house lawyer service (one-time / short / long term).


Corporate Law

  • Assistance in establishing / liquidating companies, branches, representative offices;
  • Acquisitions of enterprises;
  • Business reorganization;
  • Legal audit (due diligence);
  • Risk management for corporate / group management;
  • Representation of shareholders / managers;
  • In-house lawyer service (one-time / short / long term).


Real Estate and Construction Law

  • Advise in the field of real estate development, real estate transfer, acquisition, rental, lending, mortgage, environmental protection, building / construction regulation;
  • Advise in the field of restraint of property rights, change of purpose of real estate;
  • Drafting of contracts and other documents (design, supervision of project implementation, technical supervision of construction, contracting, etc.);
  • Representation in negotiations on real estate transactions, as well as in state and local institutions, courts, arbitration.


Criminal Law

  • Defense and representation during pre-trial investigation and trial;
  • Assessment of individual procedural documents and submission of legal opinion.


Taxes (customs)

  • Tax advice;
  • Tax structuring;
  • Permanent establishment;
  • Representation in tax inverstigations, tax inspections;
  • Representing tax disputes;
  • Risk management for calculating taxes;
  • Training;
  • Tax loans advice.


Finance law

  • Advice on business, real estate finance, business loans, leasing, financing and foreign trade financing;
  • Advice on debt restructuring;
  • Assistance on establishing financial and credit institutions, obtaining financial services license;
  • Representation in negotiating credit agreements and banking disputes.

Transport Law

  • Advise on the application of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR), carrier / driver / insurer liability;
  • Drafting / assessment of contracts and other documents;
  • Representation.


Competition Law

  • Advice on prohibited agreements, concentration control, abuse of dominant position, unfair competition, comparative and misleading advertising;
  • Representing clients legal disputes in the Competition Council and in courts.


Services for private (natural) persons

  • Family law (divorce, prenuptial agreements, representation in child services);
  • International and national adoption;
  • Labour law (counseling, representation in labour dispute and court);
  • Inheritance law;
  • Representation and defense in administrative, criminal and civil cases;
  • Advise on calculation, declaration and payment of personal income tax;
  • Legal advise on the acquisition / transfer of real estate and movable property, shares.