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3law Miškinis ir partneriai, advokatų profesinė bendrija Is a team of professional lawyers providing Lithuanian and foreign business and private client with legal services that meet the highest quality standards.

We are not limited to the local market - though we are based in Vilnius, we can provide legal services all over the country, we work with Lithuanian and foreign companies. We collaborate with audit, accounting and other professional service providers. This collaboration allows us to offer our clients comprehensive legal support at national and international level.

We are inseparable from the values that we cherish, which are the basis of our success. These include quality of service, professionalism, promptness, flexibility and ethics.


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Practice areas.

Our lawyers provide a wide range of legal services. We strive to provide the client with one stop shop based service, meaning legal services in a complex way, so that the client does not have to look for additional services elsewhere. We try not to limit our relation to one-time services, but also to maintain continuous and long-term cooperation with the client.

Contract law

  • Contract drafting and transaction assessment;
  • Representation in negotiations;
  • Disputes on non-performance or illegality of transaction, litigation./ negaliojimo ir bylinėjimasis.

Data protection

  • Monitoring and reporting of processes and procedures for the controlling and processing of personal data;
  • Advice on compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements;
  • Data audit;
  • Advice and training;
  • Data Protection Officer service;
  • Data protection documentation;
  • Representation in DPA and in court.

Labour law

  • Risk management in labour relations;
  • Drafting of employment contracts, internal company documents;
  • Legal assessment of documents regulating labour relations;
  • Mediation in labour disputes;
  • Representation in labour disputes;
  • In-house lawyer service (one-time / short / long term).

Corporate law

  • Assistance in establishing / liquidating companies, branches, representative offices;
  • Acquisitions of enterprises;
  • Business reorganization;
  • Legal audit (due diligence);
  • Risk management for corporate / group management;
  • Representation of shareholders / managers;
  • In-house lawyer service (one-time / short / long term).

Real estate and construction law

  • Advise in the field of real estate development, real estate transfer, acquisition, rental, lending, mortgage, environmental protection, building / construction regulation;
  • Advise in the field of restraint of property rights, change of purpose of real estate;
  • Drafting of contracts and other documents (design, supervision of project implementation, technical supervision of construction, contracting, etc.);
  • Representation in negotiations on real estate transactions, as well as in state and local institutions, courts, arbitration.

Criminal law

  • Defense and representation during pre-trial investigation and trial;
  • Assessment of individual procedural documents and submission of legal opinion.

Taxes (customs)

  • Tax advice;
  • Tax structuring;
  • Permanent establishment;
  • Representation in tax inverstigations, tax inspections;
  • Representing tax disputes;
  • Risk management for calculating taxes;
  • Training;
  • Tax loans advice.

Finance law

  • Advice on business, real estate finance, business loans, leasing, financing and foreign trade financing;

  • Advice on debt restructuring;
  • Assistance on establishing financial and credit institutions, obtaining financial services license;
  • Representation in negotiating credit agreements and banking disputes.

Transport law

  • Advise on the application of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR), carrier / driver / insurer liability;
  • Drafting / assessment of contracts and other documents
  • Representation.

Competition law

  • Advice on prohibited agreements, concentration control, abuse of dominant position, unfair competition, comparative and misleading advertising;
  • Representing clients legal disputes in the Competition Council and in courts.

Services for private (natural) persons

  • Family law (divorce, prenuptial agreements, representation in child services);
  • International and national adoption;
  • Labour law (counseling, representation in labour dispute and court);
  • Inheritance law;
  • Representation and defense in administrative, criminal and civil cases;
  • Advise on calculation, declaration and payment of personal income tax;
  • Legal advise on the acquisition / transfer of real estate and movable property, shares.

Data protection.

Data protection becomes one of the priority tasks of each business. Incorrect data processing poses a financial risk and can damage the reputation of the company. We will evaluate the state of data processing in your company, help you to create a comprehensive data processing system that complies with legal requirements, and train your staff. Our Data Protection Officer will help you to control and process personal data efficiently and economically.


We ensure continuous supervision and control of data processing / protection in your company.


We analyze data processing and help identify and reduce data protection threats.


We draft internal rules, policies, and related documents for the protection of personal data.


We cooperate with the State Data Protection Inspectorate and represent the interests of your company.


We organize training for employees, consult and advise.


We evaluate the organizational and technical IT security measures applied in the company and advise on how to improve them.

3law Miškinis ir partneriai, advokatų profesinė bendrija partner, Attorney at Law Dovilė Aukštuolytė has obtained a Data Protection Officer certificate from Maastricht University, European Center for Privacy and Cyber Security (Netherlands). This certificate was achieved after a comprehensive training on personal data protection and successfully passed examination.

This accomplishment confirms the competence of our team of professional lawyers to provide the highest quality legal services in the field of data protection.

While providing legal services in the field of personal data protection 3law Miškinis ir partneriai, advokatų profesinė bendrija collaborates with IT Auditor Donatas Vitkus, who has long years of work experience with state information systems and in internal IT auditing, GDPR implementation, IT and cyber security audits in private sector. He also a internationally recognized Certified Ethical Hacker.

Clients who trust us.

We always value a feedback from our clients. Positive testimonials inspire us to move forward and be even better, negative testimonials encourage us to pull-up and improve.

  • We are an AI company that provides cyber security and device management solutions for network operators worldwide. Our vision is to create a future where digital experiences are secure, private, and personal. We are highly recommending 3LAW services. This team is dedicated to solve all the legal challenges we meet in our way in the most efficient manner.

    CUJO Baltic UAB
  • We have been working together with 3law for many years. They are really professionals in their field. Working with them is safe and easy for our business.

  • Jobs well done allow us to recommend 3law as a professional team of experts in their field.

    Akcinė bendrovė "VILNIAUS ŠILUMOS TINKLAI"
  • When we started working with 3law, we immediately felt their right and professional approach to what they were doing. An excellent combination of knowledge in law, business and psychology.

    Uždaroji akcinė bendrovė "ZEPTER INTERNATIONAL"
  • The quality services that 3law has provided for us confirms that they are true professionals in their field, excellent knowledge in the needs of modern business. They have earned our trust..

  • We can recommend 3law as reliable legal and tax advisors who are well versed in the business of transportation. Their advice and specific legal help effectively supports our company.

    UAB "Baltijos transporto sistemos"
  • The 3law team did a great job for all the legal challenges we were entrusted to them. We appreciate our cooperation and we can surely recommend 3law as a reliable law firm.

    Silvestica Green Forest Lithuania UAB
  • 3law is a reliable modern business advisor. All the questions that we have addressed to this team of lawyers have been solved flawlessly.

    UAB "Nosted mechanika"
  • We recommend these lawyer. Thanks to them, we protected our interests quickly and efficiently from unfair foreign colleagues. You should have seen their work!

    Viešoji įstaiga "Film Jam"


We are proud of our team. We are strong professionals in our field who respond promptly to legal challenges or issues. Using our experience and knowledge, we provide recommendations on how to avoid unwanted situations in the future or prepare for possible changes in advance.


3law Miškinis ir partneriai, advokatų profesinė bendrija unites talented professionals who love their job and strive for the highest standard of quality in legal services, innovative and creative solutions and for the best results. For the lawyers who are dedicated to their work and willing to contribute to the development and growth of our law firm, we offer exceptional career opportunities. In collaboration with universities, we also offer law students the opportunity to take a study or voluntary internship in our law firm.

To join our team or intern with us, send your resume and cover letter to or fill in the form below.

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Law is a constantly changing, dynamic field. It obliges us, as professionals in our field, to keep our knowledge up to date - to keep track of changes in legislation and case law. You can read this relevant information, our lawyers' insights and news about 3law Miškinis ir partneriai, advokatų profesinė bendrija below.


    We believe that providing the highest quality legal services is only possible with the immediate clarification of the client's needs. We always kindly invite you to visit our office. Our working hours: I-V 08:00 - 17:00. It is mandatory to book the appointment via phone or e-mail.

    We also look forward to your inquiries via the contacts below or by filling in the form below. We always try to respond to them within 24 working hours.

    • A. Goštauto g. 40B, 03163 Vilnius
      (EIKA Business centre)
    • +370 5 205 38 55

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